Earth Angel Productions, LLC is a company that aims to create a rich history for talents both local and nationwide. We are here to develop and promote positive individuals and programs that are culturally diverse and appealing to all. Our main focus is simply that of our motto, “Being Ambassadors for Christ”. With so many souls being lost, we’re trying our best to reach our youths and give back to our community. By being an outlet, we're allowing people to use their GOD given talent through music and in other artistic areas.

The inception of the group came forth in 2001, and we're happy to say that the Lord has truly blessed us with the gift of giving. Nothing is more satisfying than being a cheerful giver, thus enabling us to produce programs and events that freely showcase talents in our communities. Upon doing so, we have decided to allocate partial proceeds to various charitable organizations and scholarships programs with each event. These include The American Red Cross, Food Shelters, Churches, After School Programs, and other charitable foundations in our region. We intend to assist them in maintaining their already established level of excellence. We are always developing ideas on how to reach out and build a stronger and more united community. Feel free to join us in our journey in bringing forth a change. This defines the opportunities and denotes the type of exposure that one would receive for their efforts in promoting positive events and future leaders in our society. We look forward to working with you in making every event a success.

About Us...